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If your successful referrals spend $500 or more every month, you’ll get 20% of that. Imagine earning at least $100 in your sleep!

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Higher monthly payments lead to higher earnings

The more referrals you take in, the more you earn per month. And there’s no limit!

How does it work?

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    If people who click on your link become clients within 60 days, you’ll get 20% commission on monthly orders of $500 and above.

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    Right after they pay, you’ll instantly receive your monthly commissions.

How to spread the good word

  • Include the referral link in your content

    Link us in your blog, email or social media. When those clicks turn into valuable customers, you’ll start earning your passive income every month.

  • Introduce us to your network

    If they can benefit from creating content, refer them to us! Many companies want great content priced affordably.

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