Top SEO content writing services for your needs in 2022

Search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t rocket science. That said, when it comes to optimizing for search engines, it may be worth looking into hiring agencies and other providers that offer high-quality SEO content writing services that will help your domain rank on the first page for relevant queries and convert search visitors into regular customers.

You’ve read that right. Ranking high isn’t enough, especially when they bounce right after reading your content.

What Does An SEO Content Writing Service Do?

Services, such as Embarque, hire writers who combine quality writing skills and experience creating optimized content for search engines to rank for relevant queries. Agencies and providers that offer high-quality SEO content writing services should offer recommendations on what types of queries you should target, whether the topic that you want to write around provides the traffic that you want (or need), and create SEO content that is also geared to maximize conversions.

Why Are SEO Content Writing Services So Important?

Ranking as a first result on search engines for relevant queries can help businesses grow and scale significantly. In other words, great SEO content is an effective way to draw visitors to your site and convert them into paying customers.

Some of the most important things for ranking on a search engine include creating content that has a breadth and depth of information. This means publishing articles around relevant topics on your site that are in-depth in terms of content and relevant to user searches.

At the same time, it’s no good hiring someone who will write high-quality content on topics that aren’t being searched for by internet users, as you most probably won’t get the results that you want.

The world of content writing can seem a confusing, jumbled mess. You may think “why does this need to be here?”, or “does it have to be phrased like that?”

Often, the answer is yes.

Subtle changes in phrasing can make all the difference between getting your article to Position 0 and it slipping onto the second page of a search engine. Hiring the right SEO content writing service provider can make this whole process so much simpler.

Which Criteria Should I Consider When Choosing An SEO Content Writing Service?

  • Pricing models. SEO writing companies use either pay-as-you-go or a subscription, or sometimes a mix of both. Pay-as-you-go is typically a one-time fee per article. The total cost of this will depend on the number of words, how complex the article is, and how many drafts it requires. A subscription model means paying a flat fee monthly or annually, and having articles and edits on the go.
  • Content quality. Each company has wildly different expectations for its writers, from a unique tone of voice to standards of plagiarism. It’s a good idea to take a look at the previous output from each company, and see if their writing is along the lines of what you’re looking for. Don’t be afraid to ask for writing samples!
  • Output speed. Writers are human, like everyone else. They have periods of great productivity and periods of block. While you might have ideas for a new article every few hours, chances are, each article will take a few days to complete the initial draft. Some services might have a greater pool of writers for you to hire, who will all adhere to the same tonal guidelines. Depending on how much content you want, and how quickly, you might choose one service provider over another.

What SEO Content Writing Services Are Available?

While the list of SEO content writing services are endless, we’ve drafted up a list of some of the most notable in the game.

#1 Embarque

Embarque is a service which goes above and beyond simply offering content writing, offering packages which help your business manage SEO in all areas and provides high-quality content that takes into consideration your branding, target segments, and tone of voice.

Some relevant features include:

  • Blog posts. In depth, well written blog posts which have a proven track record of ranking on search engines.
  • Landing pages. Thorough landing pages tailored to your brand, with SEO focused keywords with purchase intent.
  • Content reworking. A full audit of your current content output, with revisions to make your content more SEO-driven.
  • Keyword targeting. Embarque targets easy to rank keywords, which stand a better chance of getting you to the front page for a variety of searches.
  • Backlinks outreach. Backlinks are a key part of SEO growth. Embarque prioritizes a white-hat approach to provide quality backlinks.
  • Emails. Provides email content such as newsletters and marketing emails with proven conversion success.


Embarque is typically mid-range, offering premium content marketing for a lower price than its competitors at the same level. There are cheaper options available, but they provide fewer services at lower quality.


  • Proven track record - our work with MentorCruise saw their revenue increase by more than 100%
  • Strict editorial standards - all our content is checked thoroughly to ensure the highest level of quality. This process is rigorous.
  • Flexible - Embarque’s services are perfect for any business size, ranging from small to large
  • CEO meetings - regular meetings with the founder and creator of Embarque, who will personally guide you through the SEO strategy
  • Transparent pricing - all costs are stated upfront on the website, with three transparent packages available


  • Cost - this isn’t your cheap and cheerful SEO content writing package. That said, expect a more hands-on approach that takes into consideration your brand voice when it comes to creating high-quality content.

#2 Copify

Copify is a cheap option for people looking for SEO content writing services. Based in Lancashire in the UK, all their writers are from either the UK, the US or Australia, so fluent English to a good standard is guaranteed.

Some relevant features include:

  • Blogging and website content. Written by experienced and skilled copywriters on a variety of topics.
  • Plugin. Copify has a plugin which posts content directly from the Copify dashboard after approval directly to WordPress.
  • Press releases. Copy for service and product launches is available from expert press release writers.


Copify’s pricing options are not available on their website. We broke down our research of costs in our in-depth review, but essentially sources differ on their actual pricing. They offer packages for regular services but there’s no information on the cost.


  • Turnaround - articles are delivered around 48 hours.
  • Proofreading - most articles are delivered ready to be published.
  • Cost - from what we can gather, the service is fairly cheap.


  • No expedited delivery - content is ready when it’s ready.
  • Quality - content is sufficient, but it could be better.
  • Price - very vague.

#3 Panda Copy

Panda Copy is a US based company which provides well-written content from 1-2 business days.

Some relevant features include:

  • Accepts all niches. Unless you’re looking for high specialized topics, Panda Copy accepts all types of niches, so you can have content written on most topics.
  • No limit to copy requests and revisions. This is a feature available on all price points.
  • High output. Great for when you need a large amount of content written for you.


Panda Copy has three pricing options, ranging from their essentials package to premium and professional packages. All come with unlimited revisions and copy requests, but the number of words per day increases the more you’re willing to pay.


  • Low cost per word - they guarantee 500-1500 words per day, depending on your price plan.
  • Fast turnaround - 1-2 business day turnaround across all price points.
  • Unlimited requests and revisions - across all price plans.


  • No hands-off service - you need to come up with the SEO targeted keywords and write a content brief on your own.
  • No dedicated writers - if you’re paying for the higher price plans, you won’t get any different writers than if you paid for the cheapest plan.
  • No free trial - you’ve got to commit to a plan upfront.

#4 Brafton

Brafton is an agency based primarily in the United States, but with locations in London and Sydney as well. They combine journalism, creative writing and digital marketing in their creative copy.

Some relevant features include:

  • In house designers and videographers. Brafton creates animations or live-action videos to expand written content into visuals.
  • Social media campaigns. Specialist social media strategists who design campaigns to drive web traffic.
  • Focus on user experience. Websites are optimized thoroughly, including things like user interface and health checks on websites.


Pricing is not immediately transparent on their website. In order to inquire about pricing, you must enter your information, including an email and a website.


  • Offers more than content writing - Brafton will also optimize your website in other areas, such as backlink health.
  • Case studies and testimonials - available on the website so you can get an idea of their work.
  • Mixed strategies - from social media to email marketing and inbound consulting, Brafton offers a wide range of services.


  • Prices are hard to find - without signing up with your email and website. From what we’ve gathered, their packages tend to get pretty expensive.
  • Jargon - website has lots of jargon and covers pretty basic stuff you probably already know.

#5 Verblio

Verblio is a US based company, with around 3,000 expert writers, most of whom have a Master’s Degree or more. If you are looking for expert level writing or a highly specialized niche topic, Verblio has you covered.

Some relevant features include:

  • Expansive questionnaire. Verblio seeks a deeper understanding of your project and requirements, reducing the need for follow ups.
  • Deadline specification. Unlike some services, you can specify which projects are a priority, and assign deadlines, giving you greater control of the output.
  • Unlimited draft changes. Make sure the drafts are up to your standards with unlimited revisions.


Verblio has a rather complicated price plan, using a subscription model with add-ons. You have to start by choosing an article word length, and allow their content calculator to adjust your requests into a price tag.


  • Expert writers - many of the writers have a Master’s Degree or higher, ensuring your articles are written by experts.
  • Detailed questionnaire - in depth questionnaire which may seem laborious at first, but prevents follow ups down the road.
  • Bookmark writers - when you find a writer you like, bookmark them and use them again for future content.


  • Complicated pricing structure - it’s hard to just find an immediate quote to compare to other websites.
  • Minimum order - minimum price is $105.
  • Cost per word - increases with longer content, as opposed to other sites who charge less for longer pieces of content.

So Which SEO Content Writing Service Should I Go For?

Honestly, it really depends on the content you’re looking to have written. You should also take into account your marketing budget.

To bring it back full circle to our Marvel analogy, while each service may, on the outside, look essentially the same, they’re all pretty different once you know what you’re looking for.

If you want a reasonable price, but with a lot of extra services and a very personal touch, you should consider Embarque. For the niche, in-depth work that requires a ton of knowledge, maybe you want Verblio. For the equivalent of buying a random selection of books simply to fill a library with, go with Copify.

If you want to consider a range of price plans up front, avoid the ones with less than transparent pricing. It’s important to remember that more expensive doesn’t always mean more exclusive writers. With Panda Copy, you’re getting the same writers even if you pay for the most expensive package.

At Embarque, we believe you will love our services. Why not check out one of our blog posts, or send a question to our founder,

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