Soon to launch: Embarque, your end-to-end content marketing services platform

Hey friend 👋,

You’re probably here, because you saw our pre-launch on social media.

Well, uh, welcome. Dominic, my co-founder, and I are very excited. But also quite nervous, highly caffeinated, and slightly delirious from being in quarantine and working tirelessly on this.

Today, we’re pre-launching Embarque.

Embarque is your on-demand content marketing services platform. But we’re not strictly an agency. There are no unnecessary back and forth about getting pricing quotes or whatnot. You get our content marketing services in the form of packages and individual options.

Stay on top of your content calendar by ordering blog posts relevant to your niche, community and your business. We’ll help you rank on search through keyword analysis and SEO content. Whatever you want, just order it, and we’ll create it for you. Done.

Embarque is a project born out of a real user need to delegate their business’s content processes to experts but don’t want to waste time and energy on hiring a freelancer or an agency.

With us, you also get to have a personal project manager that’s like your internal content manager. This project manager can also liaise you with on-demand freelancers to create content and write several articles of over thousands of words for you in a very short amount of time. This is perfect for companies that only have a few number of content creators and want to take their content processes to the next level.

Finally, through this project, we also want to evangelize content marketing by celebrating its role in bringing success to many businesses around the world.

We want to bring this success to you 🤗.

Addressing the challenges of hiring content marketing services

content marketing disadvantages

As a content strategist, I know the many concerns and pain points that clients have on content marketing. We want to address these particular challenges when it comes to looking for high-quality content marketing services:

  • Lack of transparency over pricing. Hiring a person or an agency almost always involves price negotiations. On Embarque, you have packages and individual options at fixed prices.
  • Time and energy spent on looking for qualified content creators. Looking for qualified content creators can get pretty stressful. Our platform eliminates the needs for this. After you pay, we’ll handle the rest.
  • Poor communication. When briefs and updates are not standardized, poor communication ensues. We aim to communicate fast and clearly through email and calls. Our onboarding process includes beautiful forms for the clients to fill out and include as much (or as little) information as they want.
  • Content production is hard to scale up when you’re hiring few freelancers at a time or only have 1 or two content creators in your team. Having a dedicated project manager on Embarque is like having an internal content manager, who can liaise you with freelancers to scale your content processes up. For example, if you order our Ship package, we’ll be able to give you 6-8 articles with 12,000 words in total within a month (or more).
  • Poor quality. When you don’t hire the right person for the job, they might end up delivering poor-quality content. We have an editorial process to make sure that you receive premium content within the deadline, not a hack job.

Productizing our services allows us to scale up our processes, without compromising on quality.

Evangelizing content marketing 🤩

But content is not just about the words or the grammar.

Content is about giving value and engaging with your community. It is a valuable form of communication that has transformed the web.

One of the main things that I enjoy doing is aligning content with overall business goals. Whether through SEO, blogging, newsletters, UX-writing or ads, crafting compelling and valuable content is the secret sauce to attracting new customers.

For a while, I was looking for a way to adequately show the value of content marketing. Then, I just realized, why not just show it?

Alongside the platform, we’ll be launching a blog to learn about content marketing through case studies with actionable insights that you can apply today.

We’ve just published our first blog: “How the Health Essentials blog grew from 200K to 3.2 million monthly visits in 18 months”. This chronicles how healthcare marketer Amanda Todovorich turned Health Essentials into the most popular healthcare blog in the US.

Join our waiting list to get 20% off 🤑

Thanks kindly for reading this far!

For those who are interested in becoming our first customers, join our waitlist to get20% off your first order;).

Without further ado, here’s our very own cheesy slogan:

Embarque your content with us. We’ll steer it to success.

Ahoy, matey!


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