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Content marketing packages
to boost your growth

Choose between our content packages and options. Through a dedicated project manager, we’ll help you achieve your objectives and goals.

  • Search engine optimization and keyword research

    Use the right keywords on your website and climb to the top of search results.

  • Blog posts

    Stay on top of your content calendar. Share SEO-friendly, on-brand blog posts that engage with your community and attract new customers who are looking for what your business offers.

  • Email copy

    Send out beautifully-crafted marketing, transactional and sales emails to engage with your contacts, nurture your leads and increase your email click rate.

  • Advertising copy

    The words on your ads are your moneymaker. Get ad copy that will help convert strangers into paying customers.

  • UX copy for websites and mobile apps

    Make sure that your website or mobile app is on-brand, easy to read and accessible. Get UX copy that puts your customer at the center of your business.

  • Copy for homepages and landing pages

    You need to always be closing — ABC! We’ll craft copy for homepages and landing pages that convert to help you get there.

  • Copy for pop-ups and push notifications

    Make sure that you’re getting the right message across. Use our copy to persuade your users and visitors to take action.

Frequently asked questions

Who is creating the content?

Professional content creators with valuable branding and marketing knowledge create the content. Not pirates or highly-trained parrots. Don’t worry. We have strict editorial standards to make sure that the content you get is top-notch.

What does the keyword research include?

We analyze your business needs after your initial booking. We’ll then provide you with the relevant keywords to rank for and the keywords you’re already ranking in. Finally, we’ll make some suggestions on ways to get organic and paid traffic.

Can I order different packages and individual options at the same time?

Of course! You can definitely get different packages at once and supplement them with individual options.

What can I expect from the project manager?

Your personal project manager will help you with the ins and outs of your content strategy via email and phone consultations. They’ll answer your questions on the content calendar, on non-technical SEO and even on your content distribution.

What does “Content distribution” mean?

As part of the Ship package, we’ll help you identify the right channels to distribute your content, including paid and non-paid ones, and help you succeed in the process.


Mailjet - 6 Great Newsletter Examples with Actionable Insights

This blog post got widely-circulated in email marketing industry circles and received thousands of visits in the first week of publication. It's also on the first page for several keywords on Google that are searched by thousands of people every month.

VEED - Here's the EASIEST Way to Split a Video Into Parts

This product release blog post focuses on VEED’s video splitter feature. Optimized for search, it's also starting to quickly rank for many relevant keywords.

Embarque - Say hello to our samples page 🎉

Featuring content produced for Mailjet, VEED and MentorCruise, this samples page is not a series of our best work, but rather a display of the level of quality that we aim to have for every single piece of content produced.

MentorCruise - The meaning and definition of mentorship, mentor and mentee

The is an SEO republishing of the same article written by MentorCruise around a year and a half ago. A week after getting republished, its search position for many high-volume keywords shot up by as high as 65 results.

VEED - Instagram Video Formats And How To Improve The Quality Of Your Videos

This tutorial is ranking on Google’s first page for relevant, high-intent keywords on Instagram video creation, and has high conversion rates.

Mailjet - Sender Score and Email Reputation: What Are They and How to Improve Them

This article ranks on Google’s first page for relevant, high-intent keywords related to sender score. With quotes from well-respected email deliverability experts, it’s also gotten a fair amount of community-based traction.


Flexible content packages that scale with your budget. We provide a project manager at any rate and volume.


Get 1 post (1,000 words in total)

  • One-off SEO blogpost

$440 /mo

Get 1-3 posts (2,000 words in total) & 2 hours of phone consultations every month

  • Keyword analysis

  • SEO content optimization

  • Non-technical SEO audit

  • Monthly content calendar

  • Project manager

$680 /mo

Get 2-4 posts (4,000 words in total) & 3 hours of phone consultations every month

  • Keyword analysis

  • SEO content optimization

  • Non-technical SEO audit

  • Monthly content calendar

  • Project manager

$1,250 /mo

Get 6-8 posts (8,000 words in total) & 5 hours of phone consultations every month

  • Keyword analysis

  • SEO content optimization

  • Non-technical SEO audit

  • Monthly content calendar

  • Project manager

Mix and match options and get discounts of up to 25% for orders over $500

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