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Companies use Embarque to significantly get more clients through SEO content. Why aren't you? Get an in-house SEO content manager at a fraction of the cost. Take your SEO content to the next level.

Our content strategists have been featured on:

United Nations
Royal Collection
Sunday Times
AB Tasty

SEO content marketing packages
to boost your growth

  • SEO blog posts
  • SEO landing pages
  • SEO content republishing
  • Keyword research
  • Content audit
  • Backlinks

You get the gist. With an in-house SEO content manager, we'll help you get to the first page of Google and get new clients.

  • SEO keyword research

    Find easy-to-rank, under 20 KD keywords to significantly get more clients.

  • SEO content republishing

    Get old content to rank on Google's first page in as fast as 24 hours after republication!

  • SEO blog posts

    Get high-quality and branded SEO blog posts that convert.

  • Backlinks (coming soon)

    Get relevant backlinks to rank faster on Google's first page.

  • SEO landing pages

    Rank for purhase-intent keywords through landing pages optimized to sell.

  • Local citations (coming soon)

    Appear in Google Maps and in the first page for relevant local queries! Increase footfall and drive sales!

  • SEO content audit

    Check whether your past content can better rank in Google!

Frequently asked questions

Who is creating the content?

Professional content creators with valuable branding and marketing knowledge create the content. Not pirates or highly-trained parrots. Don’t worry. We have strict editorial standards to make sure that the content you get is top-notch.

What do the SEO keyword research and content audit include?

We analyze your business needs after your initial booking. We’ll then provide you with the relevant keywords to rank for and the keywords you’re already ranking in. Finally, we’ll make some suggestions on ways to get organic through new and existing content.

Can I order different packages and individual options at the same time?

Of course! You can definitely get different packages at once and supplement them with individual options.

What can I expect from the project manager?

Your personal project manager is like your in-house content manager. They will help you with the ins and outs of your content strategy via email and phone consultations. They’ll answer your questions on the content calendar and your SEO content strategy.

What does SEO content management mentoring mean?

For orders above the Steer package, the project manager can provide quick mentoring meetings with your content team on how SEO works and what types of expectations people should have around it. This is part of fostering a healthy relationship with enterprise clients.


Case studies

Learn how brands achieved the following results with our


Flexible content packages that scale with your budget. We provide a project manager at any rate and volume.


Get 1 post (1,000 words in total)

  • One-off SEO blog post

$440 /mo
Save $528 with annual billing

Get 1-3 posts (2,000 words in total) & 2 hours of phone consultations every month

  • SEO content optimization

  • Monthly SEO content calendar

  • Project manager

$770 /mo
Save $924 with annual billing

Get 2-4 posts (4,500 words in total) & 3 hours of phone consultations every month

  • SEO content optimization

  • Monthly SEO content calendar

  • Project manager

$1,250 /mo
Save $1,500 with annual billing

Get 6-8 posts (8,000 words in total) & 5 hours of phone consultations every month

  • SEO keyword research

  • SEO content optimization

  • Monthly SEO content calendar

  • Project manager

Mix and match options and get discounts of up to 25% for orders over $500

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